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Golden Nails offers a place to relax and enjoy yourself where you don't have to take care of others and let us take care of you. We specialize in Pedicure and Manicure services along with the artificial nails services including Acrylic Nails, White Tips, Pink & White, and Gel Nails. If you are worrying that the artificial nails will damage your healthy nails bed, then worry no more. At Golden Nails we always seeking for better products and services to be better service to you. For the healthy of your real nails, we are introducing to you the GEL POLISH MANICURE which you will love. GEL POLISH will last on your real nails for two weeks or more without damaging your nails bed as the same time it will help your nails grow. COME ON IN so we can pamper you!


This place is nice and clean compared to a lot of the st. Louis city locations. I have no problem traveling the extra miles for good service and cleaniness. – Google user

I was traveling and decided to dropped by.  I had a marvelous time with the owners and technician.   Like previous comments, shop is very clean.  Will come again.  – Lisa M

I had a wonderful manicure and pedicure service at Golden Nails.  The salon has a nice serenity atmosphere and friendly technicians.  -Mia

I’ve been to Golden Nails a few years now and they are just wonderful! Their shop is clean and always courteous to their clients.  I always get a warm treatment when I first stepped in.  – Rose


Golden Nails
12672 Lamplighter Square
St. Louis, Mo. 63128

(314) 849-8889

Mon - Fri 9:30am - 8pm
Sat: 9:30am - 7pm
Sunday: 11am - 4pm